We aim to become your preferred partner to win demanding consulting projects and building a vivid community of first class management consultants enhancing your professional life.

  • Recommendation of attractive project opportunities
  • Ongoing support during project execution (incl. solicitation of customer feedback)
  • Networking events and topical seminars
  • Regular updates on industry trends and consulting news
  • Tailored training and development program
  • Multiple on-demand support services
  • Free membership

We stand for long-term und trustful collaboration with our clients and consultants and will only get paid for successful placements into projects.

Independent Consultants gain multiple benefits from working together with XLCIRCLE:

  • Better Market Access: Our large and steadily growing international client base covering a wide range of industries and leading management consulting firms will extend your market access and future client base.
  • Targeted Recommendations: Our structured matching process ensures that we will only recommend you for projects, which fit your individual competence profile and priorities.
  • Entrepreneurial Independence: You are free to accept or decline any project we are recommending to you, to negotiate your daily rate with your clients, to work part-time or full-time and continue to solicit projects independently from XLCIRCLE.
  • Networking and Community Services: You will become member of a vivid community and get access to exclusive networking events and service offerings. This will effectively support your daily work as well as your professional development.
  • Quality Assurance: We exclusively work with highly qualified consultants, whose qualifications and project performance we have been testing. In addition we solicit feedback from our clients. You can use your affiliation with XLCIRCLE for your marketing.
  • Market Insight: We know the actual market requirements, identify important trends early and achieve transparency on achievable daily rates depending on specific projects, roles and qualifications.
We seek partnership with independent management consultants with broad experience and strong track record who have learnt the trade at one of the leading consulting companies. At minimum we look for 3 years of consulting experience. Additional management experience, a dedicated industry focus or functional expertise adds to your credentials.
Next to strategy consulting profiles we also look for experts in operations (e.g. lean management / six sigma, manufacturing / assembly, procurement, supply chain management) and change management / coaching. We value professionalism, determination and dedication to clients as key ingredients to run successful projects.
We look for resourceful management consultants with a “can-do” attitude and project leaders with strong judgment, tenacity and mature client handling skills.

We are looking for independent management consultants with excellent qualifications and proven track record. Our application process is demanding, but efficient and transparent:

  • When you are not sure about our requirements ask for more information or get in touch with us: Contact
  • You complete the online-registration and we check your credentials against our requirements.
  • When you fit the mold, we request you to submit your CV, a project listing and certificates (university degree, additional qualifications and work experience).
  • We review your documents and decide about invitation to interviews. We hold two in-person interviews to get a comprehensive impression of candidates.
  • When you passed the interviews we will ask you to provide two personal references (previous or current clients) to provide testimony on your work.
  • After confirmatory references we invite you to become member of XLCIRCLE. As the basis for our collaboration we send you a draft frame contract and stay available for your questions.
  • When this frame contract has been signed you are a member of XLCIRCLE and we will start to recommend you for projects matching your competency profile and experience.

When you want to ask for more information or get in touch with us: Contact
When you want to complete our online-registration: Registration

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